Let them hold it

I’ve found that when teaching someone to use their smartphones or tablets, the best thing to do is keep the device in their hands.

Seriously, this is very important! Let them do the interactions, and just tell them what they need to do.

Because if the device is in your hands, then you might quickly skim over fundamental things, even by accident. But if they are in “control” then you’ll see what causes them hardships.

So while you teach smartphone basics to beginners, let them hold the device.

For example, you might find that it is not apparent to them when they need to scroll down to see more content.

But if you just tell them what to do and why, you’ll uncover blind spots, and you’ll be able to help them more efficiently!

Start from the beginning

The other important thing while giving training on smartphones to seniors or newbies is to start from the beginning of the topic and proceed slowly. If the topic is complicated or enormous, then give an overview first!

An overview will help them more easily connect the dots (“You know we are doing this and that, that we have talked about earlier”). By starting at the beginning, you’ll help them be grounded in the topic. One of the most frustrating things is when you can not connect the new information anywhere. If you go too fast and without checkpoints to which they can relate, then you’ll lose them, and they will be frustrated.

Get help in helping

Finally, consider enrolling them in the Android From Zero online video course! This course will teach them about using Android from scratch. From inserting the sm card to installing and using applications.

If you are looking for online classes for seniors or newbies, this course is for you!