Exercise: Clipboard

Here are some words for you: Bodacious Gubbins Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia And here are a few paragraphs for you! Paragraph #1 I’m learning to use my Android device with the course at https://androidfromzero.com . I’m already at the end of the course, and I enjoyed it quite much! Paragraph #2 Humming birds are incredible wonders of this world. Did you know that the species called Ruby-throated hummingbird can fly 2200 km without stopping?...

November 19, 2021 · AFZ

Exercise: Share

Share this page’s URL! This is how to do it in Chrome: This is how to do it in Firefox:

November 19, 2021 · AFZ

Installing the companion app

There are two main ways for installing the Android From Zero companion application. 1) From Google Play Steps to install: Open Google Play on your phone Log in with your Google account if you have one Search for “Android From Zero” Select the one with the same icon as shown here Press INSTALL Alternatively you might open this page on the phone and click on the “GET IT ON Google play” icon above to navigate to the application’s page in google play store....

November 9, 2021 · AFZ

Download example PDF

Welcome! Download the example PDF by tapping here: DOWNLOAD EXAMPLE PDF

October 30, 2021 · AFZ

Exercise: Files

Here are some download links for you to download: File 1 - A video File 2 - A PDF File 3 - An image File 4 - An image And here are some embedded images, try to download them! File 5 - An image File 6 - An image File 7 - An image

October 30, 2021 · AFZ